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Nell’universo tutto è vibrazione, energia che suona, tutto è musica. Nella storia dell’umanità insieme alla musica, che da sempre racconta ed esprime le emozioni e le storie degli uomini, esiste una musica che partendo dallo spirito eleva all’Assoluto e unisce all’Eterno. Usiogope produce musica cristiana di profonda ispirazione biblica ed evangelica; pubblica i CD di Paolo Spoladore, assieme a spartiti musicali e raccolte di testi e accordi di tutte le canzoni.


Production: © 2009 Usiogope Edizioni

Author: Paolo Spoladore

Code 9 788888 524573


70 minutes of music in 14 songs, a 350-page book telling the spiritual and linguistic history of the oldest prayers translated from the Aramaic texts of the Bible. 10 years of work and research for a project with an international scope.

Shiloh was on sale at the official bookshop of the Display of the Holy Shroud in 2010.

€ 20.00

10 years of research and trips to libraries throughout the world that were dedicated to studying and translating manuscripts in Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek in order to bring to the light and to people’s attention the ancient prayers of the Gospel. The translation of these manuscripts together with a long process of musical production that travelled between the US, Sweden, Poland and Germany gave birth to the 14 songs on the CD, which is accompanied by a 350-page paperback exploring the linguistic and spiritual world of the Sacred Scriptures.