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Production: © 2001 Usiogope Edizioni

Author: Paolo Spoladore

Code 8032745340136


12 pieces, 58 minutes of music. Musicians and bands from far-flung countries, the Symphonic Orchestra of Sofia, international jazz stars, the voices of the Bulgarian choir and gospel choirs for a CD on the Universal Soul that moves all and joins all.

Price: € 10.00

Unanima, or One Soul, contains 12 pieces on the Unanimity, or Single Soul, of all creation. There is a universal soul, a living breath that binds us all, black and white, rich and poor, without blurring our individual diversity. For this CD Don Paolo drew upon the sounds of the world, recording songs together with musicians, orchestras and bands from different countries, from the symphony orchestra of Sophia to international jazz stars, from a Bulgarian choir to gospel groups. Several pieces, including the title song, were sung in Latin so that they could be understood at all latitudes. This album includes: Altissimo, Magnificat, Veni Creator.

La YES MUSIC è un modo per imparare ad ascoltare con intelligenza, cantare con gratitudine, suonare nell'eccellenza la musica che vibra dentro il proprio cuore e in tutte le cose.